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Sustainable Design

We are passionate about incorporating sustainable design strategies in all our projects; here are a few examples:


On each of our projects we strive to reduce the energy needed for everyday use. Where feasable, we use renewable energy sources, like in New Orleans where the local incentives helped make a large solar photovoltaic array possible.


One of the best ways to reduce energy consumption and at the same time make delightful living spaces is to use daylight as the prime lighting strategy.


We seek out local and recycled materials and limit VOC's to protect your health and save the planet.

The ceiling pictured is made from reused cedar and douglas fir. The wall tiles are sanded osb from packing crates.


We take great care in the design of exterior walls and roofs, to reduce heating and cooling costs, as well as prevent the infiltration of water. Advanced insulation techniques, such as spray foam insulation have a short payback period.


By designing with nature, a house can be responsive to the elements. We incorporate solar orientation into the exterior design, with shading devices such as overhangs.


Strategically placed windows and clerestories will encourage air movement for comfortable summer living.

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