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Residential: Rehab & Renovation

Lakeview Road

Copake, NY

This house is the New York location for the architects. Built in the 1960's as a typical ranch house, it has provided a hands-on laboratory for our ideas and innovations. It has been gradually transformed, both inside and out with the original construction largely being replaced with new. Wood materials, used in inventive ways, are the prominent features. Daylight, views and natural ventilation are the prominent strategies for how the house has been reconfigured. 

Pritchard Place
New Orleans, LA.

A rambling 4 level Craftsman style cottage was completely gutted and a kitchen extension was configured to the rear. New plumbing, electric and hvac systems were part of the scope as well as new insulation, sheathing and windows and doors. The frame was saved as well as the roof. The result is a completely transformed home.


Weekend Lake House

Copake, NY.
Addressing a poorly built sunroom, and a deteriorated deck, this lakefront project was built over several fall and winter months. The existing gable was extended, providing a new dining space, and interior stair connecting to a new lower level screened porch. The deck and landscape stairway were rebuilt, improving views of the lake, and privacy from the neighbors. The project required NY State environmental review, as well as local site plan approvals.


Historic Rowhouse
Albany, NY

This 1875 Queen Ann rowhouse, located in a National Historic District,  was converted from a 4 apartment building into a two family, with a 3 floor owner's unit. The original kitchen was on the lowest level, and former owners had incorporated kitchenettes for each apartment. By renovating the existing porch and building a small addition, the new owners' kitchen was located on the main living floor. Daylight was brought into the upper floors with skylights and ceiling renovation over the upper stories' stairwell.

Upperline Street
New Orleans, LA.


This double shotgun house had been previously combined into a single. The new owner did a major retune to add a master bedroom suite and open up the middle of the house to the kitchen and completely modernize it.

Irish Channel Reconstruction
New Orleans, LA.

1  A camelback addition to this double shotgun, in the Historic Irish Channel, will provide enough space for the owner and her mother in two separate units.


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